The Paiste Product Innovations

    1930'sFirst company to designate and plan specific models in production.
  • Menu1947First company to produce more than one class of cymbal quality.
  • Menu1949First use of Chinese style cymbals for drum-set.
  • Menu1963First use of 8% Bronze (CuSn8).
  • Menu1963First use of Turkish style bell on a china cymbal.
  • Menu1967/68Invention of the wavy edge hi-hat bottom cymbal - Sound Edge.
  • Menu1967/68Invention of the bell-less flat ride cymbal.
  • Menu1980Invention of un-lathed, hammered cymbals - RUDE.
  • Menu1983Invention of downward turned edge on Chinese style cymbals - Novo China.
  • Menu1984First use of color coated cymbals.
  • Menu1989Invention of Signature Bronze alloy.
  • Menu1996First to research and recreate historic cymbal sound - Traditionals.
  • Menu2001Sonic Texture Formula, a radical new hand crafted surface treatment, which enhances cymbal sound -patent applied for.
  • Menu2005Thanks to modern digital technology, Paiste achieves a breakthrough which permits it a significant improvement in the transfer of Swiss know-how concerning cymbal shape, structure and sound to the German production facility - Paiste Sound Technology.
  • Menu2007Authentic Turkish bronze and world class Swiss craftsmanship come together to create a sensation in the world of cymbals - Twenty Series.
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The Paiste Product Innovations
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