Giant Beat
Giant Beat

Sizes: 18" 19" 20" 22" 24" 26"
Weight: medium thin
Volume: soft to loud
Stick Sound: clear, washy
Intensity: lively
Sustain: long
Bell Character: integrated

Sound Character: Deep, dark, rich, brilliant, warm. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Even, balanced, very responsive feel. Pearly, wooden ping over a wide, deep, full wash. Big, swelling crash sound. Strong, articulate embedded bell. An ultimate classic sound, developed in 1967 during one of popular music's most revolutionary eras.

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edge 18body 18bell 18pattern 18edge 19body 19bell 19pattern 19edge 20body 20bell 20pattern 20edge 22body 22bell 22pattern 22edge 24body 24bell 24pattern 24edge 26body 26bell 26pattern 26
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