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Series Description: Forged from a proprietary bronze developed specifically for cymbals, handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen, conceived and executed according to uncompromising sound concepts, Signature Cymbals are instruments of unsurpassed quality for the discerning drummer’s quest for personal creativity and musical excellence.
Since: 1996
Alloy: Proprietary Signature Bronze
Applications: Soft to medium loud settings • Live and recording • Classic to modern Jazz, Blues, Swing, Big Band, Country, Funk, Reggae, R&B and Soul as well as Pop and moderate Rock • Also excellently suited for acoustic and vocal-oriented music and Percussive playing with sticks, mallets, or hands • Very well suited for classical applications and swelling accents
Sound: Dark, broad, complex, warm, smoky, oriental and sparkling with special emphasis on volume control, dynamics and stick feel

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Drummer Feedback

Terry Silverlight # Terry Silverlight Trio
Most of the work I do today requires a specific sound and style from song to song. Paiste Signature “Traditionals” delivers what I need every step of the way. No matter what groove I need to provide at a given moment, “Traditionals” are by my side when I switch gears. And they've got that old time, funky, fat sound that I hold dear to my heart. My hat is off to Paiste Signature “Traditionals”.

Richie Barshay # Herbie Hancock
The “Traditionals” are a blanket of sound that cushion any musical moment. The tone is like opening up a history book, the dark complex overtones give me everything I'm searching for when I play. When these cymbals open up its like being in a time warp, and everyone who listens is along for the ride.

Henrique De Almeida # The Brazilian Jazz Project
When the music needs clarity, sensibility, and musicality at a wide range of dynamics and sophistication, I need my Paiste Signature “Traditionals” to be right there with me, providing the performance with controllable beautiful sound and inspiring sound response that always brings that great feeling to the music. And that is why I play Paiste.

Ian Froman # Metalwood
Playing “Traditionals” allows me to create my own sound, yet hark back to the Tradition of true Jazz cymbals. As great as they feel to play, they sound even better.

Susie Ibarra # David Ware
I have been playing the 18” & 20” Light Flat Rides, Thin Crashes and 13” Medium Light Hi-Hats from the Traditionals line. I have had numerous compliments on the sounds from my rides and crashes. They are elegant, subtle yet also very powerful when needed. The sound is so beautiful and I think some of these cymbals are Paiste's classics. Thank you Paiste!

Wim de Vries # Drumbassadors
Paiste offers me the biggest range of sounds for the different styles I’m playing. From the most subtle sounds for Jazz or Ethnic musical situations to the loudest rock settings, you can get it all from this friendly little Swiss company. By the way, they make the best crashes on earth…!

Jim Keltner # Studio Legend
My first experience with Paiste was in 1982 with a pair of 602 14” Sound Edge Hi-hats, which I still use generally on the remote hi-hat stand. Since then, I’ve played everything from Rudes and 2002s to Signature, “Traditionals” and “Dark Energys”. My favourite combination has been the “Traditionals” Crashes, “Dark Energy” Hi-Hats and many different Ride varieties. I’ve found that the “Traditionals” Crashes are the most beautiful for studio recordings.

Steve Jordan # The Verbs, Eric Clapton
It’s been a long time since I’ve felt compelled to lug cymbals around with me, but the “Traditionals” are so essential to my sound now, that I can’t travel without them.

Paul Wertico # Larry Coryell, Pat Metheny Group
My Paiste Signature “Traditionals” cymbals have always allowed me to express my full range of emotions. Whether recording or live, they always have the sound I’m going for.

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