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Series Description: The creation of mid-range (semi-professional) cymbals with highest demand in sound quality and function • A substantial improvement in terms of sound, function and appearance of the Alpha series from 1997 (Original Introduction 1991)
Since: 1991
Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze, also known as “2002 Bronze”
Applications: All volume settings • Live and casual recording • Entire range of music styles
Sound: Bright, crisp, energetic, powerful, and cutting with clarity, warmth, and tonal definition

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Drummer Feedback

Nick Barker # Atrocity
The Alpha series from Paiste are truly awesome sounding cymbals that really compliment my style of playing, particularly the Alpha Rock/Metal range, which are an absolute must for all budding young rock
drummers out there today that want to stand out above the rest.

Ben Dussault # Independent
Alphas are awesome live cymbals and have great tone. They cut through and are very durable for the road.

Mike Luce # Drowning Pool
These cymbals sound KILLER!!! No drummer should ever be misled by the price as to thinking these cymbals can’t hang with the big boys!?!?! Alpha’s have that classic Paiste sound with a bit of attitude!

Jason Sutter # Chris Cornell
What else can I say but the Alphas have provided me with an invaluable sound source that I have come to rely on nightly. The Alphas are like any great instrument, they inspire me to play my best night after night. I f%$’n love these cymbals!!

Steven Spence # Black Tide
The Alpha series is most definitely the best deal out there. To say the least, you get the most bang for your buck. With such a wide variety of sounds, they can cater to any one’s needs. Just imagine everything you could ever want in a cymbal, without putting a dent in your wallet.

Jeremy Spencer # Five Finger Death Punch
No other cymbal can take a «Punch» like the Alpha’s. The high end sonic quality combined with the savage appearance makes them stand apart from every other cymbal out there!