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Series Description: The legendary cymbals that defined the sound of generations of drummers since the early days of Rock. The present 2002 is built on the foundation of the original classic cymbals and is expanded by modern sounds for today’s progressive popular music.
Since: 1971
Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze"
Applications: Medium soft to very loud settings • Live and recording • Classic Rock, Blues, Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal & most Modern Metal styles, Crossover, Country Rock, Ska, Rockabilly, Funk, R&B, Soul, Gospel and modern hybrids rooted in those styles
Sound: Brilliant, clear, warm, strong, musical and very precise with high energy levels and powerfully reliable projection

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Drummer Feedback

Bogie Bowles # Joe Bonamassa
Set up from Left to right: 19” 2002 Wild Crash, 20” 2002 Medium, 14” 2002 Heavy Hats, 24” 2002 Ride, 20” 2002 Crash, 22” 2002 Crash . This is the best set up for me yet! Every time I think I can't improve the sounds or expressiveness in my set up, we throw in something a little different, be it a Wild Crash or the Massive 22" Crash, it just jumps to the next level. I love experimenting with the different types of 2002s because they ALL blend together so well. I actually had a guy ask me if I tuned my cymbals one time!!! He was kidding of course, but it was a testament to how well they sound together and individually. The bigger sizes that I play also lend themselves to the music I'm playing as well as being a little more durable. Did I mention that when I play these cymbals, I sound the way I've always wanted to sound?

Paul Bostaph # Testament
My 2002 Paiste Wild cymbals are punchy, loud and have a fast decay. And, that's important to me in the style of music I play. Paiste have yet again come up with a new masterpiece in their arsenal! Wilds are the perfect mates with the Signature “Reflector” and Signature series I have on my kit. My Paiste 2002 Wilds have added new peaks in the sound scope of my cymbal array.