Signature Precision


Series Description: The new series is created using Paiste's proprietary Signature Alloy, and features the typical hallmarks of Paiste's original Signature sound - brightness, fullness, strong presence and projection, with brilliant musicality. A particular quality of the Signature «Precision» is its clean and focused character in combination with a very articulate, straight-ahead sound. The finish of Signature «Precision» purposely follows the tradition established by the original Signature series. Fans of the original Signature sound, look and feel will thus find these cymbals a compelling choice for their cymbal sets. «The goal for the Signature 'Precision' was to create a more affordable Signature sound. We specifically researched and designed the manufacturing process to achieve that goal. Part of the success of this project is the incredible sound potency that already exists within the Signature Alloy.» - Erik Paiste
Since: 2013
Alloy: Proprietary Signature Bronze
Applications: Medium low to loud settings • Live and recording • Wide range of music styles such as Pop, Rock, Alternative, Hard Rock, Funk, Country, Blues, Gospel and R&B
Sound: Precise, bright, rich, warm, brilliant, full, transparent, colorful sound.

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Drummer Feedback

Franklin Vanderbilt # Lenny Kravitz
Signature 'Precision' have a perfect focus, great attack, and a beautiful, well rounded projection. These cymbals are giving you more than what they’re priced at. It’s a good investment for any drummer that likes many colors in their set up. I really liked the 18" Crash. Its body and nice round spread are most impressive. I am also a fan of the 18” China and the 14" Hi-Hat.

Jason Sutter # Marilyn Manson
I feel that it’s an entirely new line of cymbals. It harkens from the classic Signature sound and alloy but it’s also a whole new sound palette. They have beautiful similarities to the classic models such as the clarity & articulation but there’s a certain essence that is all their own. They’re a great alternative for someone who wants to play Signature but can’t meet the price point. They are also a great addition to the Signature family and other Paiste cymbal lines.

Paul Leim # Studio Great
The new Signature 'Precision' series of cymbals are just that: cymbals with a precise, focused tonal center. Explosive sound, combined with all the look, feel and quality of the world class Signature series.

Dave McAfee # Toby Keith
Paiste's new Signature 'Precision' series is the more aggressive cousin in the Signature family. They are definitely Signature cymbals and although they are a bit more focused, the ‘Precision’ are every bit as refined as the renowned Signature.

Dean Butterworth # Good Charlotte
I love these cymbals. I could throw all of them in my cymbal bag and easily use them on gigs. The 18" Thin Crash & Crash would be a great combination to use live or in the studio.

John «JR» Robinson # Studio Great
I’m totally surprised that these cymbals are at a lower price point than the Signature classic cymbals and that’s important in today’s times. I think these cymbals can go a long way. Any pro drummer can use these. I was particularly impressed with the 14" Sound Edge Hats.

Scott Devours # Roger Daltrey
These cymbals are going to bring more people, more drummers, and more ears into the Signature line. To my ears, I would have never known that they are different from the current Signature. My ears can’t tell that they are different in price point or level of cymbal.