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Series Description: These venerable cymbals – developed during the 1960’s rapid expansion of popular music – were faithfully recreated and re-launched by Paiste in 2005. Giant Beat cymbals offer the big, warm, brilliant vintage sound that takes you straight back to the roots of Rock.
Since: 1967
Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze"
Applications: Soft to loud settings • Live and recording • Blues, Rock ’n’ Roll, Beat Music, Rock, Country
Sound: Bright and warm with a multilayered, full, dark, glassily splendid presence and a wonderfully loose, lively and big feel

2002 familiy
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Drummer Feedback

Dennis Holt # Nashville Studios
I'll never forget the first session that I used my Paiste Giant Beats! I sat down at my kit and started to play...then stopped and smiled! I was truly amazed at what I heard and how they felt to the stick.The tracking engineer actually came out and commented with several expletives that I can't repeat, on how microphone friendly and rich my cymbals sounded. They are big, silky smooth, warm and yet focused!! The 24" Ride is never overbearing and it makes a great huge crash. I flew to England and used them live!! Oh my gosh! I have a copious amount of cymbals to choose from... I use my Giant Beats more than any other set-up. No lie!

Eric Slick # Dr. Dog, Project/Object, Chris Harford, Adrian Belew
After searching many years for the quintessential rock cymbal sound, I can say that I've finally found my match with the Paiste Giant Beats. The 15" Hi-Hats have a distinct chunkiness and low-end, which is perfect for time-keeping in my work with Dr. Dog and Ape School. The 18" Multi Crash is dark and warm, but with a colorful fast fading shimmer that doesn't take up too much space. If I do need an exclamation point at the end of a long fill, I reach over to crash on the massive 24" Multi Functional Ride. Of course, it can also handle the most delicate stick articulation for choruses and bridges. It's complex and beautiful, just like every quality cymbal that Paiste has made.

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