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The file contains the following information:
- Item Nr.
- Series Name & Model Name
- Cymbal Size
- Cymbal Description
- URL to Cymbal Sound-Files (Base URL: http://www.paiste.com/dp/sounds/)
- URL to Cymbal Images (Base URL: http://www.paiste.com/dp/images/)

For directly streaming the Sound-Files from the Paiste Website, instead of downloading
the MP3-files and host them locally, you will find all information in this CSV-file!

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Product Images & Sound Files:

[Images] [Sound Files]  Signature Traditionals
[Images] [Sound Files]  Signature Dark Energy
[Images] [Sound Files]  Signature
[Images] [Sound Files]  Signature Precision
[Images] [Sound Files]  Formula 602 Modern Essentials
[Images] [Sound Files]  Formula 602 Classic Sounds
[Images] [Sound Files]  Masters
[Images] [Sound Files]  2002
[Images] [Sound Files]  2002 Black
[Images] [Sound Files]  RUDE
[Images] [Sound Files]  Giant Beat
[Images] [Sound Files]  900 Series
[Images] [Sound Files]  Color Sound 900
[Images] [Sound Files]  PST X
[Images] [Sound Files]  PST 8
[Images] [Sound Files]  PST 7
[Images] [Sound Files]  PST 5
[Images] [Sound Files]  PST 3
[Images] [Sound Files]  101 Brass

[Images] [Sound Files]  Discontinued Cymbals
[Images]  Symphonic
[Images]  Planet
[Images]  Sound Creation
[Images]  Deco
[Images]  Accent
Hand Cymbals
[Images]  Signature Symphonic
[Images]  Signature Concert/Marching
[Images]  Signature Universal
[Images]  Alpha
[Images]  PST 5
[Images]  PST 3
[Images]  Accessory Images
[zip]          Accessories

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[hi-res]  Product Images

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