Dominique Alquier (FR)

Paiste Artist Since Oct 2009



Graduated from the musical union Saint Gironnaise at 7 years old, Dominique started to play drums with his twin brother Eric Alquier, a djembe teacher, for over 12 years in Toulouse. They learned for five consecutive years the saxophone, viola, clarinet, drum and percussion.

Dominique made his first steps as a drummer in ANTIDOTE a Punk Rock group from Toulouse. Later he played for TALION (Hard Rock), and a cover band called THE HERETIC. He also played with those groups at festivals, and concerts in Paris including openings for OTH in the South of France. Subsequently, he participated as a drummer and arranger in a Jazz-Rock band called STAND BY from Toulouse with his brother Eric who was playing Latin Percussions. After that he joined a Progressive Death Metal band called DEADZONE.

Pursued by the consuming passion of music Dominique decided to leave his homeland for the promised land: Paris.

Arrived in Paris he kept playing in different bands. First in a band called GOSH (with guitarist Scalp from the famous band Black Bomb A and Olivier Chardonnet) and later in the band FIXXX.

Dominque also worked in a music school PLAY-UP, directed by Alain Leroy, as a drum teacher.

He performed a short time with the group WITCHES (Boucherie Production) and for 2 years with LA CHOSE (single demo independent), later with KRARATH (Melodic Death Metal).

In 2008 Dominique recorded drum parts for a band called JARELL (Thundering Records) on the album in the Hidden Side.

Today, hes working with a band called OSTRACIZED, writing the first album that should see the light in 2010.