Hailing from Sydney, Australia and now residing in Los Angeles, Mike has quickly made a name for himself through his ability to perform in any musical situation. Whether it be in the studio or on stage, his experience as a drummer, musical director and multi-instrumentalist have taken him to Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Australia. Artists with whom he he has worked include: Emblem3 (SyCo Records), Troy Harley (Dream Merchant 21), Colby O' Donis (Grammy Award Winner), Rai Thistlethwayte/Sun Rai (Thirsty Merc), Reece Mastin (X-Factor Winner - Sony Music Australia), Casey Donovan (Australian Idol), Danielle Blakey (2011 NA2R Winner) amongst many others.

From an early age, Mike began studying classical percussion and ranked in several national classical competitions. As a teenager his love for the drum set took over and as his education continued, he was granted a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Music where he majored in contemporary performance and Jazz. In 2009 Mike signed with the band Porcelain (Universal/Motown) and in 2010 he won the Australian Billy Hyde Drummers Playoff. Shortly after this, he decided to re-locate to the USA and focus on being a Studio and Touring Musician. Since being in America, he has appeared on such shows as: Good Morning America, The View and The Arsenio Hall Show.

Mike recently composed, recorded and produced songs for feature films Yesterday was a Lie and Center Stage 2 - Turn It Up, as well as a theme for Fox Sports and U.S. national radio campaigns for Outback Steakhouse. He is currently working on music for the upcoming film R.U.R.: Genesis.

Mike is currently touring with Emblem3.

T.V./Webisode Appearances:

(ABC) Good Morning America - Emblem3 USA
(ABC) The View - Emblem3 USA
(KTLA) The Arsenio Hall Show - Emblem3 USA
(FullOnDrums.com Webisode) - Groovin'w/Mike Avenaim USA
(MTV) Nokia Be Heard - KisTone Australia
(Network 10) Rove Live - Himself Australia
(Network 9) Hey Hey It's Saturday - Porcelain Australia
(Network 7) The Morning Show - Casey Donovan Australia
(Network 7) The Morning Show - Jordan Millar and The Question Australia
(SBS) Message Stick - Casey Donovan Australia