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Nottwil/Switzerland – The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the introduction of the Masters Dark Crash and Dark Hi-Hat models.

Masters started out with twelve Rides that are amongst the most exquisite cymbals of the Paiste assortment. Now three crashes and two hats join the series to expand the unique Masters sound atmosphere to additional cymbal types.

The new models were designed in collaboration with the notable jazz drummers Gregory Hutchinson and André Ceccarelli, and reflect their concept of traditional sound with modern quality standard.

The 16", 18" and 20" Dark Crash models are based on the critically acclaimed Masters Dark Ride atmosphere that exudes darkness, warmth and a smoky vibe. Tender clarity dwells in these crash cymbals, they exhibit a remarkably buttery, soft feel, enabling the finest dynamic nuances. The 20" crash is also suited for airy, light ride patterns.

The 14" and 15" Dark Hi-Hats radiate a similarly breathy timbre. They emanate a soft musical closed sound, and open up with a satisfying smoky wash. Yet, the chick sound always stays clear and assertive.

«With the introduction of the new models, the series is re-christened simply as Masters. Our esteemed artists are using this designation for the cymbals, which was originally dubbed the ″Twenty Masters Collection″. Who are we to argue? So be it.» concludes Erik Paiste in commenting on the name change.

Masters are entirely made by hand from CuSn20 bronze using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.