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OUT NOW - Alex Apostolakis’ drum loop collection “Loophole”

Paiste Artist Alex Apostolakis has teamed up with the Sonic Ark studios' co-founder Nikodemos T. to produce "Loophole", a drum loop collection that also includes a bonus snare replacement library. The main attributes of this collection are the following:

Over 380 loops in music styles from drum'n'bass to blues shuffles

Tempos range from 70-200 bpm

Five distinct recording and mixing approaches (Vintage and Modern multi-mic, Shuffles, Brushes and Small kit)

Loops included are available in both stereo track and multi-track form for you to mix and experiment

Splicing is easy, increasing choices, as many loops contain more than one pattern, for added flexibility

Sounds mixed so they ''sit'' well in music tracks

"Treated", wild sounding loops (174 of them),available for special uses that sound really out of the ordinary, as the ''morphed '' drum sounds contained in them are wacky enough to wear a straitjacket... not everyone's cup of tea, but truly interesting nonetheless.

As for the snare replacement library, it contains a great number of velocity layers and stroke types, features four microphones (available as separate instruments) to mix and match in each snare sample, is easily loaded into the sample player of your choice, and also contains readily mixed utility samples for those who want superb snares in a flash.

All of "Loophole" is recorded so that it provides a great-sounding result via a stellar analog signal chain (from mic selection to recording treatment to natural ambience) and the personalized feel, sound and approach of a great drummer.

"Loophole" is available in both downloadable and hardware versions from the Sonic Ark Website!

For more info on Alex, log on to www.alexapostolakis.com

View Alex’s Paiste Artist Profile!

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