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Artist Spotlight: DARU JONES # JACK WHITE

Anyone who has either seen Daru Jones perform live or heard his recordings will simply tell you that Daru grooves!!!! In Daru’s world of music and the artists that hire him, it’s essential to create a musical pulse for people to latch onto. Daru captures a hypnotic pulse every time he works with hip-hop artists such as Black Milk, Ski Beatz & The Sensei's, alternative hip-hop rock/soul group Idle Warship. His groove and feel is so deep he’s even been hired by classical violinist Daisy Jopling. When his schedule allots it, he’ll tour with Talib Kweli and his own Austria Jazz-Hip-Hop band The Ruff Pack. This Michigan native currently residing in Brooklyn, New York has gained fans all over the states as well as Europe and more! Daru’s Hip-Hop Set up: 13” Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat, 18” Signature Mellow Crash, 21” Twenty Masters Collections Dark Dry Ride

His hard work and international buzz has not gone unnoticed. Earlier this year, Jack White (White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather) hired Daru to be the drummer in his all-male band and Jack has not regretted it. Throughout touring the world more than once around, critics have given Daru serious recognition and a few writers have made the claim that Daru was the highlight of the show. His charismatic presence, unorthodox set up, (his toms & snare lean away from him), and blazing chops has been talked about in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Australia. Daru’s set up while touring with Jack is Twenty Custom Collection 15” Metal Hats, 20” Full Crash, 22” Full Ride

As a producer, Daru has created & remixed music for acts such as Kissey Asplund, Muhsinah, Reggie B, AB, Rena, Eagle Nebula and others. His production company Rusic Records has released a string of projects featuring many known and undiscovered artists and he continues to push his musical style of Soul-Hop, a mesh between Hip-Hop and Soul.

We asked Daru what his overall experience has been since joining our roster. “It’s been just excellent! My cymbals work really well for all of my current working situations. They really cut through, they’re crisp sounding and they feel really nice to play. They have just enough give when I play them. I'm experimenting with different set up configurations in the studio and they do the job. I’m so pleased, thank you Paiste!”

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