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Mike Terrana introduces new rock trio “Terrana”

Terrana is a classic 3 piece power trio reminiscent of the music that was generated in the 1970s, pure live rock n roll with a positive message. The band was formed in the Summer of 2013 by world renowned drummer Mike Terrana who has played with a wide variety of artists, such as Tarja Turunen, Steve Lukather, Tony Macalpine, Yngwie Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell, Masterplan, Gamma Ray, Rage.

Mike Terrana states: "I always wanted to make a band, that was powerful and yet able to retain the melodic qualities in terms of lead vocal lines, harmonies and guitar riffs & solos. I grew up the listening to the music of the 60s and 70s. So, even though I’m known for playing a lot of Power Metal, I always felt that I had to get back to my roots. It’s a real band, we jam together, write together and record together. We really wanted to keep real and honest as possible. When people see hear us live, it should sound just like what we recorded in the studio. Fabri Kiarelli is a very versatile and powerful singer and a great guitarist. Alberto Bollati is an amazing bass player with great feel and also has an excellent voice. I think both Fabri and Alberto harmonize and blend well together. Each guy can sing lead vocal, so this also gives each song a different flavor.”

The band will release 10 songs in the spring of 2014 followed by subsequent tours of Europe and South America. The first single “One Way” is already released on Youtube.

Band members:

Guitar and lead vocals - Fabri Kiarelli
Bass and Lead Vocals - Alberto Bollati
Drums - Mike Terrana

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