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Chris Infusino & Candidate - New Album

Paiste Artist Chris Infusino and his band Candidate just released “Psychic Dissonance from the Unself.” Based in Brooklyn, New York, Candidate makes anthemic, hook-laden rock 'n' roll with generous helpings of melody. Candidate's songs are catchy, poetic, passionate and concerned with heartbreak, heartache, survival and triumph. The album is being made available digitally, on CD, and on limited-edition vinyl.

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Stream the album here:


“This is dreamrock, plain and simple. Fresh, fuzzy, lush, vibrant, psychedelic dreamrock. We might be dealing with the next chillwave here folks, so strap yourselves in: summer 2012 is officially here.” (Newdust.com)

“I’d even go a step further and say that they’re working a sound so different that it has no equal. Their riffs and synth have origins in shoegaze and the heavy ambient audio of Fonda 500 or Kent, and have dissonated to such a point that they’ve drifted off to a distant dreamscape. The way Candidate weave together their synth and harmonies is super-rad. It’s something I imagine the Beatles would have done if Delia Derbyshire had been their producer.” (Risk And Consequence)

“Brooklyn-based trio Candidate embraces four decades of American and British rock and roll and wraps it up in a sweet little twenty-first-century indie package…. currently putting the finishing touches on its sophomore effort, which features a dramatic leap forward…” (This Week In New York - Interview)

“The Brooklyn NY-based outfit Candidate have their own superior way of expressing fear and anxiety. The relentless hook on “City Of Hate” keeps every dangling undecided element away from the song and together with the sturdy drumming, it creates a smashing rock texture.” (Ghost FM)

“‘You Still Love Me’ is straight up rock & roll. It will not try to confuse you by pretending to be anything else, which is essential on a Monday morning (the less thinking the better, especially before I’ve had a lot of caffeine). I can’t guarantee that you won’t think you’ve teleported to 1987, however, because that’s the last time this specific kind of tune was melting faces on a regular basis. Not that that’s a bad thing; sometimes you just need to put your hair up in a side pony, peg your jeans, and rock out.” (WhatsTheRuckus.com)

“Indie pop…that was good enuf for a feature on one of the ‘big name’ ‘established’ blogs. If I like them, too, does that make a joiner? Or just a copy cat? Well, it’s okay if you call me a joiner. I think these dudes are pretty cool” (Berkeley Place)

“Okay. Here’s the deal. We have to quit making fun of Lexington because Candidate were the shit.” Chuck Cleaver (Wussy, Ass Ponys)

“The Bluegrass state is known for it’s thoroughbred horses, not rock ‘n’ roll. Candidate, however, exudes the purest of raw emotion delivered with class and perfection. This intense burst of polished rock ‘n’ roll exemplifies the term thoroughbred. A hint of The National with an obvious influence by Joy Division, and the beauty of shoegazers will have you hooked immediately. Candidate breaks down the barrier of guilty pleasure with their incomparable stage presence. The energy this band exhibits will completely defy and surpass any expectations.” Bree, Queen City Awesome Radio

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