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Luis Muñoz *Update*

Here’s the latest on Paiste artist Luís Muñoz!

Luís just became the recipient an Individual Grant from the "Belle Foundation for Cultural Development," in recognition of his previous work as a composer and to "recognize people like you, who exhibit exceptional talent and potential for achievement in the arts and humanities".

He just finished the soundtrack for "E'l Emigrante," a film by Costa Rican director Mario Cardona, produced by Zen Entertainment and based on the shortest "short story" in the Spanish language ever published.

Below are some of the reviews published during the month of January about his latest CD "LUZ":

*TOP 5 CDs of The Year" (Felix Contreras, NPR Jazz)

*TOP 10 CDs OF THE YEAR" AND "BEST LATIN JAZZ CD OF THE YEAR" (Michael J West, JazzTimes Magazine)

*BEST LATIN JAZZ CD OF THE YEAR" (W Royal Stokes, Jazz Journalists Association)

*25 BEST LATIN JAZZ CDs OF THE YEAR (#10) (8th Annual Jazz Critics Poll – 2013)

Luís is in production of two new recordings of his compositions: one with his new Jazz Trio/Quartet, and the other in collaboration with singers from all over the world, including Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Guyana and The United States. Both will be released internationally in 2015.

View Luis Muñoz’s Paiste Artist profile

Visit the Belle Foundation for Cultural Development

Visit ZEN Entertainment’s Facebook Fan Page

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