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Paiste welcomes Simon Dawson to the Paiste Artist Family

We are proud to welcome Simon Dawson to our Artist Endorsement Program.

Iron Maiden mastermind and bassist Steve Harris surprised music fans around the world recently by announcing his first ever solo album "British Lion." His new side project - as Harris calls it - features the talents of drummer Simon Dawson. Although "British Lion" is a departure from Steve's body of work with Iron Maiden, Simon's taste of sound is inspired by Nicko McBrain, and so is his cymbal selection, which mainly consists of Paiste Alpha Boomer models.

Simon’s cymbal set up is as follows: 18” Alpha Medium Swiss Crash, 14” Alpha Metal Edge Hats, 18” Alpha Boomer Crash, 19” Alpha Boomer Crash, 8” Alpha Thin Splash, 10” Alpha Thin Splash, 22” Alpha Boomer Ride, 14” Alpha Boomer Hats, 19” Alpha Boomer Crash, 18” Alpha Boomer Crash, 18” Alpha Boomer China.

View Simon’s Paiste Artist Profile!

Paiste welcomes also the following distinguished artists to the Paiste Artist Family

Bram Raeymaekers # Hadise (Belgium)
Sergey Podlivakhin # Independent (Belarus)
Jason Cook # Jets Overhead (Canada)
Murray Creed # Justin Hewitt (Canada)
Jon Grundtvig-Poulsen # Anne Dorte og Maria Bramsen (Denmark)
Kristjan Heidarsson # Kontinuum (Iceland)
Rudy Rotta # Rudy Rotta Band (Italy)
Akira Kawasaki # Mouse On The Keys (Japan)
Adas Gecevicius # Independent (Lithuania)
Christian Svendsen # Anton Ruud I Terapie (Norway)
Zoltan Czörsz jr. # Jan Lundgren Trio (Sweden)
Fred Bintner # Lucky Peterson (Switzerland)
David Stauffacher # Lariba (Switzerland)
Nacho Santiago # Medina Azahara (Spain)
Richard Wilson # RAW Studios (UK)
Darren Beckett # Brandon Flowers (USA)
Ivan Edwards # Aimee Mann (USA)
Brian Ferguson # Aaron Watson (USA)
Nate Hufford # NeedToBreathe (USA)
Jules Pampena # Scars on Broadway (USA)
Michael Robinson # Little Five Points Rock Star Orchestra (USA)

Paiste’s Artist Endorsement Policy, as established in 1957 with the creation of «Drummer Service», is based entirely on the artist’s appreciation for Paiste products, Paiste’s recognition of the artist’s career and distinguished status among the drum and percussion community, and mutual respect and loyalty.

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