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Paiste Welcomes Mark “Lovestick” Falgren of Lukas Graham To Its Family Of Artists

Mark Falgren studied at the “Rhythmic Music Conservatory” in Copenhagen, Denmark. Back then he co-founded the Danish Soul-Pop-Newcomers Lukas Graham, who later achieved first notable international success with their single “Mama said”. In 2015/2016 the band – it’s indeed a band and not a solo artist – conquered the charts in several countries with their single hit “7 Years”, peaking at no. 1 in Denmark, Italy, Austria, Belgium, and Sweden and at no. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.


As of July 2016, "7 Years" has over 480 million Spotify streams. For their latest sold-out tour in North America Mark Falgren chose a set of



15” Sound Edge Hi-Hat

18” Crash

19” Crash

22” Ride





View Mark's Paiste Artist Profile!



We also welcome the following distinguished artists to the Paiste Artist Family:



Eugene Ryabchenko # Vital Remains (Austria)
Massimo Hernandez # Gandhi (Costa Rica)
Ville Kela # Anssi Kela (Finland)
Michael Sin # The 4th Dimension (Malaysia)
Pipo Daniel # Rosinha (Protugal)
Nicolas “Nicci” Notini # Freelance (Sweden)
Pao-Lin Chen # Guntzepaula (Taiwan)
I Fan “Vincent” Lu # Mixer (Taiwan)
Tzu Heng “Chicken” Chuang # punkhoo (Taiwan)
Lee-Chun “Jiangbow” Jiang # Shuo & Cool Humor (Taiwan)
Ti Wu # FireEX (Taiwan)
Li-Chung “Balang” Lu # Flesh Juicer (Taiwan)
Chris Allan # Independent (UK)
Xavier Breaker # Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (USA)
Lance Koehler # No BS Brass Ensemble (USA)
Tommy West # The White Noise (USA)
Steven Baldament # The Contours (USA)
Ruben Gallego # Flatbush Zombies (USA)
Mario Dawson # Bernard Allison (USA)

Jimmy MacBride # Nir Felder (US)
Joseph Valery # Independent (US)
Josh Asher # The Expanders (US)
Chad Melchert # Gord Bamford (CA)
Tomas Slemenson # Los5 (US)
Vinicio Toledo Rojas # Mon Laferte (MX)
Chris Reddan # Nikki Hill (US)
Okwa Andrews # Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth (US)
Miguel Angel Ortiz # Maluma (CO)
Ryan Beydler # William Michael Morgan (US)







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