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Aquiles & Eloy Performance Highlights

Here is the first video installment of our recent PAISTE DAY L.A. event held at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. The anticipation prior to Top Paiste Artist Aquiles Priester and his protégé Eloy Casagrande hitting the stage was heightened by the presence of so many other important Paiste Artists, eagerly awaiting the assault that was to come. Artists such as John “Jr.” Robinson, Paul Stanley McKenzie, and Chaun D. Horton were all about to experience something very special indeed.

The blazing performances by Aquiles and Eloy were deeply musical. Drawing from their Brazilian heritage, these guys bring new meaning to modern drum set performance. The musical application of sound colors they roll with is at the same time frightening, and inspiring. To have these magnificent virtuoso performers in our Family of Paiste Artists, is truly spectacular. Thank you guys for a night that we will always remember.

Aquiles Priester & Eloy Casagrande performance

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