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Highlights from Montreal Drum Fest 2012

Each October brings the annual meeting of some of the best drummers in the world to Montreal, and this year was no exception. Spearheaded by Ralph Angelillo, the Montreal Drum Fest is an amazing place to see established and up and coming artists playing over two jam packed days. Paiste was proud to sponsor the most outstanding drummers at the event.

Brad Park (Big Wreck/Dynamo & Badnuts Beats)
Bringing an entirely new face to the Drum Fest stage, Brad and partner Ben Harrison allowed their music to do the heavy lifting at the show. The heavily electronica based music had groove, finesse and maturity while the stage personas were head scratching for many. Dressed like “Back to the Future” meets ZZ Top, Brad and his white Alpha cymbals opened the show in rare form. Flowing from deep groove pockets to Bozzio-esque flourishes, the performance was musical and interesting.

The Drumbassadors (Rene Creemers & Wim De Vries)
Often when multiple drummers play together the music often gives way for the chops, but never when the two drummers are Rene Creemers and Wim De Vries. After some other loud, “drummy” performances, the Drumbassadors brought the musical drums to Montreal and the house down. With melodies and amazing synchronized parts, the duo had the crowd on their feet from the start. While the music was obviously the most important thing, there was no shortage of dynamic drum solos. Both Rene and Wim are amazing soloists and performers. Montreal will not soon forget the Drumbassadors.

Gergo Borlai
Hungarian born and currently living in Spain, Gergo was labeled as the festival “Dark Horse”. He is an up and coming face in the drum community, but not for long. His performance at the Montreal Drum Fest will prove to be a huge launching pad for his reputation in North America and the world. With both blistering fast chops and deep musicality, Gergo was the hit of the show. In one moment he would be playing a laid back, reggae beat and with a beautiful transition he would be on to blazing double pedals and metal. If you haven’t seen his videos, find them on YouTube and you'll know why we are so glad that Gergo is now in the Paiste family!