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Name: Bram Raeymaekers

Paiste Artist Since: 2012

Website/Social Media: Instagram (bramraeymaekers)

Band: Hadise

Band Website: www.hadise.com

Other Website(s): www.zapmama.com | www.brahim.com

Birthday: March 5, 1984

Hometown: Westerlo, Belgium

Playing Drums Since: 1990

First Drum Kit: Pots and Pans in my grandmother’s kitchen.

First Paiste Cymbal: 14” Paiste 2000 Sound Reflection Hi-Hats

Favorite Paiste Cymbal and Why: 22” Paiste 602 Classic Medium Ride. I can play any style of music with this ride, it blends perfect in any musical situation that requires attention to dynamics. It has an amazing bell sound, amazing stick response and I like that I am able to crash it!

Heroes: Steve Gadd, John Robinson, Steve Jordan, John Bonham, Bernard Purdie, Questlove, Jeff Porcaro, James Gadson, Matt Sorum.

Hobbies: Sports, Food, Coffee, Wine

Favorite Food: Food that is cooked slowly and made with passion.

Top 3 Albums: "Gaucho" (Steely Dan) | "Off The Wall" (Michael Jackson) | "Babylon By Bus" (Bob Marley and the Wailers)

Favorite holiday Destination: Maldives

Favorite City / Cities: New York, Istanbul

My Best Ever Show: the last tour with Hadise

Favorite Paiste Artist Show I Attended: John Mayer w/Steve Jordan

If I Wasn’t A Drummer, I’d Be A….: Barista at my own coffee shop

What You Can’t Buy With Money: Health and good friends

My Ritual(s) Before A Show and/or a Recording Session: Warm up exercises for my hands and feet

Talisman On Stage and/or In The Studio: Not really a talisman…I just believe in my way of playing and in just being myself. Play like it’s your last time!

Do You Prefer Touring or Recording? Why?: I prefer a nice balance between both of them. When I am in the studio, I miss the energy and vibe from a tour. When I am on tour I miss the moments of creating and the extreme focus on sound and groove in the studio.

Recommendation For A Beginner: Find a good teacher, go to as many live concerts as you can and try to play as many styles as possible. The most important thing is to have fun!


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