All drummers have a general idea on what cymbals are but not all of us know detailed information about cymbals. Our cymbal anatomy section gives you a detailed education on the basic anatomy of a cymbal, different cymbal types, characteristics of cymbals, and drumstick basics.

Sound Classification System

Our classification system is a direct result of painstaking research. We thought very hard about how drummers and percussionists approach the idea of selecting cymbals. Learn more about the empirical and sound character of cymbals, the cymbal function and the general considerations for your cymbal choice.

Selecting & Testing

Selecting and testing cymbals can sometimes be a time consuming yet enjoyable task. But it is a very important process in finding your particular sound. Allow us to assist you with a few guidelines in selecting and choosing the ideal Paiste cymbal for you. Our guide to selecting and testing cymbals will become a very useful tool for you.
Cymbal Usage & Care
If you treat your cymbals with the care and respect they deserve, you will be able to enjoy them for a very long time.
Cymbal Set Proposals
Some suggestions for you... in case you're overwhelmed by so many choices.
Warranty Information
Every PAISTE cymbal has a limited warranty of two (2) years from the original date of purchase.
Artist Endorsements
How do I become a Paiste Endorser?